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Welcome to Seahorse Suites, the perfect beachfront accommodations for your getaway on Sanibel and the Captiva islands. Our suites offer a waterfront escape and a cozy bed and breakfast experience. Located near the Sanibel Island Lighthouse, you'll find yourself in the best area for shelling beach and enjoying the scenic beauty of the islands.
Unforgettable experience! Seahorse Suites provided us with a dream vacation. The beachfront location and impeccable service made it a better choice than we could have imagined.
Our honeymoon at Seahorse Suites was nothing short of perfect. The serene waterfront setting and top-notch service exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend it to all honeymooners.
Seahorse Suites felt like a home away from home. The cozy and comfortable atmosphere, combined with the beautiful waterfront views, made our stay truly memorable.
Seahorse Suites
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